200 for $20 for our


20th year





Together we can 

interrupt incarceration for a generation


VORP of Denver is launching a new grassroots fundraising campaign in honor of our 20th anniversary of providing critical restortive and transformative programs to youth and their families to empower them, heal generational wounds of oppression, stay out of the criminal justice system and reach their full potential. Join us as a monthly donor today and become one of our 200 for 20!


Why support our youth?

  • We are the only organization in Denver providing Restorative and Transformative Justice Programs to youth who have received tickets in Denver as alternative sentencing. We keep youth out of the school-to-jail pipeline.
  • 70% of VORP participants are youth of color.  
  • 97% of RESTORE referrals successfully complete the program
  • 93% of RESTORE participants DO NOT reoffend = a mere 7% recidivism rate
  • We transform individuals, families, communities and the systems that affect them every day. 
  • Through your month donation, you empower youth directly to do grassroots work in their communities.
  • Our youth leadership programs provide a safe space for youth to gather after school when juvenile crime and violence are the highest.
  • With your donation, we provide space for youth to find their voice, develop life skills and become change agents in positively interrupting violence and crime.

Become one of our 200 for 20! Celebrate 20 years with our youth by donating your first $20 today. Together we can interrupt incarceration for a generation.


Donate by sending a check to:


VORP of Denver

430 W 9th Ave

Denver, CO 80204


Or donate online and schedule a monthly donation below