Empowering Youth for Positive Change

"Juvenile processing increases criminal behavior and has no crime control effect, and in fact results in more delinquency. Juvenile processing is worse than doing nothing and is much less effective

Anthony Petrosino, Carolyn Turpin-Petrosino, Sarah Guckenburg. Formal System Processing of Juveniles: Effects on Delinquency Campbell Systematic Reviews 2010: 29 January, 2010 pg 36-38

Joseph Penn
Joseph Penn

VORP's programming is a safe place for youth and families.   We use restorative justice to help youth understand their choices in terms of the harm to themselves, their families, the community and the victim.  We emphasize being held accoutable for criminal thinking and choices and at the same time understanding crime in the larger socio-economic context.   Finally, we give youth and families and opportunity to change the conversation to begin the process of repairing the relationships that are harmed as a result of their choices. 


Our programs use trainined facilitators, community members, and victim impact panel speakers to engage their curiosty, elicit their empathy and provide new skills to make different choices in the future.  


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