Face2Face Conferencing

Formerly known as: Community Group Conferencing 


VORP’s Face2Face Conferencing matches youth with their victims, parents or peers.  These conferences also include support members for both stakeholders, community members and facilitators.  F2F Conferences hold youth accountable in a more personal way.  The youth are given an opportunity to make amends for their actions to the victim and the community.  In addition, the community can provide some support during the conference.   Studies in restorative justice show that restorative conferences where the offender meets the victim of his or her crime has the largest effect on recidivism.  


Cost: $50


Participants: Youth, youth support, victim, victim support,  2 community members & 2 facilitators.


Time: Scheduled evenings or Saturdays 


Location: 430 W 9th Av, Denver CO 80204 – through the green door in the back