the RESTORE Program

In the RESTORE Program, VORP uses restorative justice programming as a tool to reduce recidivism among youth that have received tickets for shoplifting, petty theft, or drug/alcohol tickets.  RESTORE consists of Orientation, a Victim Impact Panel, a Restorative Justice Conference (Session 1)  and a Final Meeting (Session 2) for a total of 8 contact hours.  Parents or supportive adults attend all programing with the youth.  


Cost: $25


Participants: Youth & 1 or 2 supportive adults.


Time: 3rd Saturday each month @ 8:30 am (Orientation held Tuesday @ 5:30pm before Session 1)


Location: 430 W 9th Av, Denver CO 80204 – through the green door in the back.


Updates: Monthly, including a Program Summary Report upon completion

Making Amends

Youth make ammends for the harm they have caused to themselves, the store, the community and their families by building on their skills and interests.  


The following projects illustrate how a restorative approach creates personal growth and transforms communities through their powerful experiences. 

"You stole from your own peers/ Now all you can do is watch real true friends walk right pass./ You see how the environment around you changed all because you stole."

RESTORE--Victim Spoken Word

a mistake 

not one to be made lightly 

but yet

we tend not to dwell much before, 

a sneaky hand takes a seaminmly tactful walk 

removing a necklace, a bracelet, a lipstick

from its shelf 

to be placed safely in a brimming pocket 


the misplaced blame put on store clerks 

the new expense that the store didn't anticipate 

the suited businessman that solemnly cross out 

addresses as their stores close

one after another

consequences that lost teenagers don't spend 

their seconds considering


the moment when our guilty  postures

and bulging handbages brings

a saddened manager to our shoulders

"Can you come with me for a second?"

a wave of red shame passing through our eyes

we rush to emty our pockets 

and dial disappointed parents' numbers

"The cop needs to talk to you."


Sitting, our hopes being dashed by pointless 

"What ifs?" and then

tears pouring down glossy eyes

as shaking muscles let you know that the shock 

is finally wearing off

and this is real

you can't snap back into your reality because this is it

you pretending that your decisions don't have 


is hurting people 

and you finally got caught

after hours pass and you've haf-convinced yoursel f

that you are actually in hell 

you're pushed into a hurricane of applications, 

indentification, court dates, and possible 


you're finally home and with your thoughts alone

with your choices

weeks pass and you lie awake, for 

the next morning you rise early 

dressed in button down tops and black trousers

a long ride 

and the first time seeing your friend

is in the courtroom 


your mind adrift with fines and community service 

they call your name adn offer you 

a golden deal, diversion, no record, no fines, 

no judge

you rush to accept 

and from there, tests and questions, 

and a program 

called RESTORE

repari the damage, classes, volunteers, healthy 




a new chance never tasted so good

you can prove to yourself that 


is no longer a nickname you deserve

you can rebuild your life 

and you can make amends

it isn't punishment

it shows you the way to saying

"I'm sorry." 

and meaning it


I am sorry. 


Shoplifting--A Video